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  • Creating Habits that Stick with 4 Easy Steps

    treadingwithpaige January 18, 2021

    The past year has given us all a lot of time to either establish new habits OR watch as previously formed habits began to disappear. It makes sense when you think about all of our routines that have involuntarily been interrupted due to quarantine and the COVID epidemic in its entirety. Regardless of the circumstances you may currently find yourself in, there is no better time to establish real and…

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  • How to Pivot and Progress Through the Rest of 2020

    treadingwithpaige September 2, 2020

    As you are scrolling through social media you’re bound to come across a handful of memes proclaiming “2020 is cancelled”. While the memes in themselves are funny, I too must acknowledge the clarity that these months have awoken in me. 2020 has forced me to…

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  • {FREE} Intention Setting Worksheet

    treadingwithpaige July 2, 2020

    Happy July! Can you believe we’ve made it half way through the year already?! Granted, half of which has been lived out from the comfort of our homes. Needless to say, this year has been one for the books. The good news (maybe) is that…

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  • Goal Setting Tips for the New Year

    treadingwithpaige January 6, 2020

    There is something so special about an entirely new year. Something so liberating and magical all at the same time. Despite the uncertainty of the future, we all have an idea of where we’d like to be or what goal we’d like to accomplish over…

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