• 7 Local Running Trails

    treadingwithpaige October 19, 2020

    West Michigan has (in my biased opinion) some of the best running trails, all of which are at their prime this time of year. If you’re unfamiliar or simply looking to mix things up when you head out for your next run/walk/bike, here are a couple of my recommendations! Paved Routes: Reeds Lake We’ll start here! The loop around Reeds Lake will clock you in a good 4 miles and…

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  • Saving Second Base | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    treadingwithpaige October 12, 2020

    Maybe it was a neighbor, a teacher, a family member or friend… or maybe it was you. Whoever it was and whatever the outcome, we all have been impacted in some way by breast cancer. It’s estimated that in 2020 alone, 279,100 new cases of invasive breast…

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  • Introducing: Treading With Purpose

    treadingwithpaige September 24, 2020

    Over the past month, I have been working diligently on a project that I am incredibly passionate about and am so excited to FINALLY share it with you! Drum roll, please….. now introducing: “Your passion is for you and your purpose is for others. So…

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  • How to Pivot and Progress Through the Rest of 2020

    treadingwithpaige September 2, 2020

    As you are scrolling through social media you’re bound to come across a handful of memes proclaiming “2020 is cancelled”. While the memes in themselves are funny, I too must acknowledge the clarity that these months have awoken in me. 2020 has forced me to…

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