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    Treading With PaigeOctober 26, 2018

    “I see you, I hear you, I understand you and I get it.”

    To a man,

    You are a human, as am I. We speak the same language and we breathe the same air. But we, we are not the same. You are a man as I am a woman. You used your words to empower yourself while you belittled me. You threatened my worth and you threatened a life. You made me fear my every move and second guess my very strength. You blamed me. You humiliated me. You made me hate my job and you made me fear my home. Because of you, I was never alone. And because of you, I never will be.

    They laughed until I cried. They thought it was a joke until it became my nightmare. They didn’t stand up for me until it was too late, until the damage had been done. And although your hands never touched me, your words will always be apart of me. You no longer are a man but because of you, I am an even stronger woman.

    To a woman,

    I will stand up for you and I will stand beside of you. For the empowered woman who chose to speak up and for the fearful one that was dismissed when she did. I will stand with the believers and I will stand with the fighters. For the ones who know their worth and for the ones who continue to seek it. Know that, whoever you are and whatever you’ve been through- you are not alone.

    You are a woman. You embody what it means to be resilient. There is so much beauty in the way you think and the things that you do. You are not defined by your appearance and you do not have to identify with how it’s been used against you. You are beautiful for your strength and you are stronger because of your struggles. Continue to choose love, continue to see the light. Your courage in the dark will forever be your guide. You are a woman and you will ALWAYS be enough.

    Carry on warriors.

    XX, Paige

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